Let's face it, your website is how the world sees you. In this computer age, it's undeniably true. If you have an unprofessional looking website, people will think that your company or product is also of lesser quality.

We realize that building a website can be a very confusing prospect. What does it cost? How does it work? What do I have to do? We can work all of these things out with you and get you on line in both a professional and cost effective way.

But maybe you are wondering ...what is the difference between a good website and a bad one?

Here are two websites with the same information, one bad and one good. We hope to illustrate the difference and let you know what to look for where ever you get your website designed.

click the picture to see this website example closer


This website is terrible, I'm sure you've seen some like this. It is hard to read, the colors are in your face and blinding. It is hard to navigate because you can't see where to click. This will leave your customers thinking very poorly of you. Don't leave your website like this. We can help you.

click the picture to see this website example closer


This website is clean and clear. It looks professional and it is very easy to navigate. It puts your best foot forward and your customers will have a better opinion of you from the beginning. Will this make you more successful? Of course it will. People's perceptions are what cause them to buy or not to buy every day.

It is also worth mentioning that every website needs a place to sit online every day (your server) and a pointer to point to it when customers type in your website address (your domain name). We will take care of all these technical details concerning your server space, url forwarding and domain name. You can purchase your own server space and update the site yourself (we can train you to do simple updates) or you can have us do it at our server. Either way we will explain it all to you and make it simple.


Please click the sites below to see some of our previous work. Websites are being built all the time and these will change frequently.


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