New Computer Setup

desktop or laptop


Software Installation

Office, Adobe software and others


Hardware Installation

memory, hard drive, video and sound cards, DVD drives and more


Networking and IPS installation

wireless networks, card installation, modems, routers, cable, DSL, and computer optimization for internet browsing



we find out what is wrong with your computer and fix it


* parts not included

Virus, Sypware, Malware and Adware removal

we'll take the viruses out so you can be safe and fast again


Data Backup and Media Transfer

save all of your files to a remote hard drive or DVD, put that VCR tape on DVD or let us scan your file cabinet and put in on a disc for you


Peripheral Installation

printers, scanners, digital cameras iPod and more


Website and design services

Domain name*, URL forwarding*, server space*, website design and maintainance*, graphic design, logo design, and more

flat rate for websites available, just call

$40/hour for design

* additional charges for these services


all languages, just tell us what you need

call for price


Sometimes you just don't know what is wrong with your computer. We can make a service call to your home or business and do repair there for $50/hour or we can pick it up and bring it back to our shop for $40/hour. We will tell you exactly what you need and give you a price up front for any additional work we need to do to get your computer right again. Call and set up a time for us to come out and we'll be there to help you when your computer isn't behaving the way it should.

Once the Technomonkeys are on the job, you don't have to worry anymore.

call the Technomonkeys today at 1(888)383-7313 or email us at

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