There are many services we offer. We will try to explain them all here, but if there is something you need that might be on the edge of these services just ask us. We might do that too.


• From computer hardware repair to software fixes. We can make your computer go faster or we can build one for you. Our expert hardware/software technician Dave is ready to make a house call and make your computer right again.

• We can make you a beautiful website and take care of all the messy details.

• We can design you a poster for your event or make fliers or brochures for your business.

Jeff, our website design expert, has been designing and building websites for years. He knows all the in's and outs. Plus he'll explain them all to you too.

• If you need a program we can build it. All languages, all operating systems. Our programming expert Mark can do anything, you only need to tell him what you need done.

• We can scan your old pictures to computer files or take that precious video tape and make it into a DVD that will last much longer than those old magnetic tapes. We can make your file cabinet disappear into a disc that travels well, takes up a lot less space and saves you lots of time and trouble.

With decades of experience and three monkeys specialized in their fields, you can count on us to get the job done.

We grew up in Ozaukee county, we know the area, we know the people and we are ready to provide the kind of service you've come to expect from this beautiful region of Wisconsin.

Give us a call or send us an email and lets get talking about what you need!

We look forward to hearing from you.

call the Technomonkeys today at 1(888)383-7313 or email us at

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