I love my Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis and it has served me well for a number of years now ...until recently when it seemed to be having some memory problems. So after some trial and error and online research I found that my Tri-Axis battery was probably getting wonky and no longer holding the presets. I found a few vague explanations online, but I wanted to document my discoveries and show you that this is pretty easy to do. Hopefully this will be a more succinct explanation and I will rule this topic on the interwebs!

***WARNING this will erase all of your presets, write them down before removing the battery***

First we need to take the top cover off, easy just a bunch of phillips head screws. The battery is located under this metal cover shown by the big arrow. There are four screws and the two on the right are easy to take out. The two on the left are a bit more tricky.

There is a circut board in the way, but it is easy enough to move. There are 4 plastic tabs that need to be squeezed here.

I used a needle nose pliers.

Once the board is free of the plastic pins you have to get it clear of the metal frame as well. Bend it up gently and the plugs can all stay plugged in. Here is what you see under this board. Our two hidden screws.

With the screws out you can remove the cover and get to the battery.

Here is the battery you want to replace.

The battery top. It is a 3V CR2032 style battery and they are cheap and plentiful.

The bottom, nothing to see here. (inset, my new batteries)

Put it in here + side up, put it all back together and you are good to go.

Not so bad huh?