The Bad Times


GM9                     E-9

When I miss my love

A-7                             D7b9   

And my heart cries out for her

GM7                           B-7 Bb7 A7sus4

And when I need her touch


No one else but hers I


GM7   GM9          A-7        D9

Try to remember the bad times

B-7              Ab7-9                 E-     A-11  Ab7#11

Recall that cold December in her eyes

E-7                      G#dim                   CM7      C-7

And when you think you ought to know

A-11   Ab7#11       GM9        C7

Try to remember goodbye


GM9                          E-9

When she looks my way

A-7                 D7b9   

Sees into the heart of me

GM7                         B-7 Bb-7 A-7

It feels the same today


But I just nod reflectively and




GM7  B-7  Bb7  D7b9

GM9  Ab7#11  A-11  D7


A-7              D7b9     GM7 Gm6

Just when I start to see

A-7          D7            B-7   E7

That part inside of me

A-7                       D7b9  GM7 Gm6

That knows with certainty

A-11            Ab7#11  GM7   D\F#  E-      B-7 E-    D7

I would do anything to make you mine again          I


A-11   Ab7#11                A-7    D7b9                A-9     Ab7#11                

Try to remember, I just try to remember, try to remember 


GM7  G-6  GM7