...for the greater good concerning vibrato for the guitar, and all stringed instruments.


Poor vibrato is rampant in the world and you may be wondering ...am I part of the great unwashed that employs bad vibrato? Well, I don't like to say it but you very well could be

...and without even knowing it. Please ...let me help.

Now some may say that "taste" can dictate different styles and everything, even bad technique, can be unique and worthwhile. Sometimes this is true, but most often it is not. And it is almost never true of vibrato.

To the trained ear twittering uncontrolled vibrato hurts and has the added disadvantage of making you sound like an inarticulate novice. I have seen many great players capable of wondrous technical ability that seem to have somehow let this vital information pass them by.

But lets get to it shall we? Do you, the curious reader of this text indeed have BAD VIBRATO??! The following information should make it painfully clear.



If you could see bad vibrato it might look something like this...

It is a shaky quick jerky sound much like an insect with a wing problem. But seeing and hearing are very different things. Click the sound wave above to hear BAD VIBRATO.

Is this you? If it is then you must have the courage to face the truth, you have bad vibrato. But all is not lost. You can change, you can become the guitarist that you were born to be by moving on to the next segment about GOOD VIBRATO. Aren't you excited?



If you could see good vibrato it might look something like this...

It is a smooth controlled wave that is slower than you might think. Some say that you should vibrato along with the tempo of a song and this can be good. But a slow almost vocal vibrato is the quintessential GOOD VIBRATO. Advanced good vibrato might even come only at the end of a drawn out note. Click the sound wave above to hear an excellent example of good vibrato.

Listening carefully is the key. There are many signed professional musicians that have terrible vibrato (Kirk Hammett, Mick Mars, that guy from Pearl Jam) but don't let them bring you down. Listen closely and you too will start to hear all the bad vibrato in the world. And when you do, you will realize that it might be time to turn the music you are hearing to something better.

So there you have it. Now you know.

This has been a public service announcement.