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Jeff Playing with Crumpler 2008

Jeff playing in Paris France 2007

Jeff playing Summerfest 2007

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 Faymous Music & Sound, Inc.

1540 Wisconsin Ave.

Grafton WI 53024

Phone (262) 376-7688


 The cost is $20.00 per half an hour lesson, billed one month in advance.

Jeffrey James Salzman has been playing guitar for 20+ years. He is a graduate of Music Tech of Minneapolis and has played with many successful Milwaukee bands. (see below) He has learned and forgotten a thousand songs and has written hundreds more. With his all around guitar knowledge, he sets up and modifies his guitars, does electronic repair, amplifier modifications and has even been known to carry his band mates equipment from time to time.

With years of live experience, (including playing tours in Europe and in Asia) many hours of studio time in a wide range of different studios and the education of a fully accredited music school Jeff is ready to teach you. His mild mannered thoughtful approach will challenge you, but not confuse or discourage. With several different approaches to music and especially guitar theory, you decide which approach is best for you. Everyone wants something different from music and whatever you are looking for Jeff will help you reach your goals more quickly so that you can become confident, skilled and have more fun.

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Jeff's current bands


Jeffrey James (solo acoustic act)


Jeff's previous bands


BattlestaR CadillacticA

Framing Amy

Mt. Olive

Two Ton Heavy Thing

and many more