Twin City Plaza

Twin City Plaza - Completed 2-14-2006

Two cities span the great distance of a heart that has been broken for good. The burdened western city is filled with sun and beauty, but cursed with evil vanity. The city to the east is a dull, simple place where the people are kind and time almost stands still. These twins compliment each other, but will eventually tear you apart. Stretching between them for too long can only lead to misery. Your only chance is to escape them both. Until you find your way out you must spend some time waiting in the car with your heart in your mouth at the twin city plaza.

This CD was recorded at Brookside Studios WI by Jeffrey James and mastered by Ty Tabor at Alien Beans Studio TX

Audio Samples

please note that these one minute samples are cut and compressed MP3's and do not sound nearly as good as the actual CD

1. inside your stem (1 Minute Sample)

2. DLG

3. Always East of Home (1 Minute Sample)

4. The Bad Times (1 Minute Sample)

5.  The Letter

6. You end up losing me more everyday (1 Minute Sample)

7. Easy for me (Whole Song)

8. Black Hole LA (1 Minute Sample)

9. Gone  

10. Damaged

11. Number Three (1 Minute Sample)

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