Commonly referred to in the medical community as Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. This condition seems quite incurable although side effects ebb and flow. Sometimes the victim can go for weeks even years in some cases without getting a new guitar, but this is rare. Usually the most heavily addicted will sell and trade their guitars just to get a new ones. There have even been trends charted where specific brands will be hunted or occasionally the quest for an old guitar may consume the afflicted. The logical conclusion of this disease is a fairly large guitar collection.

I have G.A.S. and I know it, yet I can't stop myself.

I can say yes, each of these guitars has a very unique and specific purpose. The Gretsch 6119 is for tone and the Tele is for a twangy country sound. The RG550's and the Silver Jet are for Metal and the acoustics for campfires. But the truth is I just love guitars. They are beautiful paintbrushes that call to me like a siren from the shore.


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