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Jeffrey James is a singer/songwriter; guitarist that has just completed his 3rd CD of original material entitled Twin City Plaza. Simple melodies and solid songwriting have taken Jeff down a path of solo acoustic/electric guitar music. After many years of playing with several locally successful bands, he has struck out on his own with his stripped down songs and strong vocal presence.

Jeff's past is a patchwork quilt of interesting bands, chalk full of brilliant musicians.

He cut his teeth on songwriting in a paper shack at an early age. Even before he could play a chord, songs were being written. This infused a creativity before formal training was brought into the picture. After several childhood bands (including Echelon, P.O.V. and James Street) Jeff went on to music school in Minneapolis. It was a great time to be alive and to learn the secrets of music!

After this he returned to Milwaukee to join a band called Two Ton Heavy Thing. The band took off in the competitive local rock scene and even to this day they are not completely forgotten.

During and after this time Jeff sat in with local cover band Mt. Olive. He also played with an odd cover band called Hippie Chicks and the Funk Mob. Even after that he played with Amy (one of the hippie chicks) in her band called Framing Amy for a short while.

After all this Jeff joined a band called BattlestaR CadillacticA. This band played many great shows including a regular place on the rock stage at Summerfest, opening up for Warrant and playing the prestigious wedding of Michelle and Lee Bruso. But alas it was not meant to be, because shortly after the release of BattlestaR's full length CD ...Jeff moved to Los Angeles to see about a girl.

Twin City Plaza is about that trip out west and back. With no band, Jeff has gone solo, but that doesn't mean a full band sound isn't the order of the day. Never before has he really been able to capture and record the full sound he has always heard ringing in his considerable ears. But thanks to technology and the wisdom of age (at least comparatively) Twin City Plaza is finally here!


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