Kay - model unknown

This is the most recent piece in my collection. I don't know anything about this guitar except that I got it on eBay and the seller completely mischaracterized it. It was a fixer upper (my favorite) to be sure. It had no nut or tuning pegs, not even bridge posts. (How odd that it even has them at all) But with a little spit and polish I got this guitar to play pretty well. It has an odd sound, but it is fun to play. I especially love the slightly less faded area where the old pick guard used to be. The fret markers are cool too, they almost take up the entire fret. It had a truss rod and an adjustable bridge so I knew I could set it up right. I didn't expect to have to run a long wood screw to secure the neck to the body. But you take your chances online and in the end I really do like this guitar. It has character.

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