Gretsch G6143 Spectra Sonic Lead

This guitar is my destiny. I am going to take this guitar to Europe and tour the world! This is a T.V Jones designed partial hollow body Spectra fucking Sonic. If you don't know T.V Jones then you don't know Gretsch Guitars. This style was originally designed and hand made by Mr. Jones for Brian Setzer. In the year 2002 they decided to not only make them in production, but they were determined to keep the quality of the original hand made guitars. Gretsch was up to the task. Time rolled on and  later Gretsch was bought by Fender and began making these fine guitars in Japan. I was lucky enough to get an American made pre-Fender model and that is what you see below. While today T.V. Jones has left the guitar building business, they still make some of the best boutique pick-ups for Gretsch guitars that money can buy. In fact I have one in my G6119. This guitar comes stock with them. The tone of this axe is awesome in any application. I have been using it for metal and it sounds growly and plays like a tub of butter. Pull back the gain and you get a deep jazzy tone. This guitar is the best of both the hollow body arch top and solid body sound. Plus the vibe is so cool. I mean who else has one of these babies?

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