Gretsch G6119SP

This is not only the finest playing guitar I have ever played in my life, it is also the most beautiful. I feel like a genius when I set up this guitar because it is so effortless to dial this gorgeous piece of machinery into perfect playablilty. I can never leave well enough alone though and I have changed out the creaky open Grovers for Sperzel locking tuners. I have also replaced the bridge pick-up with a TV Jones. This guitar is perfection when it comes to craftsmanship. If you have the means to get a new reissue Japanese Gretsch like this I highly recommend it. The only way a poor ass musician bum like myself could afford this was the generosity and willingness to barter of Elliot from Mequon Music. Thanks Elliot, this is the finest guitar I have or ever will own. I think I'm gonna cry a little now.

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