Acoustic Sing Along Vol. 4

Acoustic Sing Along Vol. 4 - Completed 9-29-2002

There once was a man that lived far from the city. He couldnít remember how he had gotten so far removed, but there he was. He would journey often just to see what he could see, but never would he approach civilization. Then one day he saw a figure walking the same remote trails he had trodden many times before. He could tell that she was very different from him, yet something about her was the same. He was stunned when she easily began to speak to him as many others would not. His time spent in distant lands had made him clumsy and withdrawn in such situations. But she was undeterred by his awkwardness and spoke kindly to him. Her patience confounded the man for she was beautiful but not cruel. They talked briefly every so often and afterward both went on their very different ways. The man thought of the things she told him as he walked and something inside him began to change. Sometimes he found himself walking paths he never knew were there. Paths he hadnít seen earlier. Until one day he looked up from a long walk only to find himself downtown. There he was standing in the very heart of the thriving metropolis. His heart welled up with joy and he knew that he might visit here whenever he wished. He suddenly realized that he had not been unwilling to visit this place but that he had been afraid. The stranger on the path had worked on him in ways he couldnít have guessed. He suddenly wished to thank her and tell her of his triumph. He felt like he needed to show her the paths that led him to where he was, and marvel with her at their significance. He wondered if there was a way to repay her for the newness she had given him. He wondered if she would even understand if he tried. She did not do this for profit or reward, she did this because it was simply who she was. He felt such affection for her because of this. He gazed up at the blue green sky scrapers reflecting the bright sky and knew she would understand.

Recorded at Brookside Studios by Jeffrey James

Mastered by Scott Walczak and Jeffrey James

Track list

1. When I knew

2. Silence

3. I'll never Forget you

4. A Day at the Museum

5. Both Sides

6. Like I know I should

7. It Must Be

Bonus Track : Minuet in G

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