5-5-07 Saturday Stuttgart at the UNIversum      

As we pull up to this gig I realize that we are obviously playing on a collage campus tonight. The room is small and the school grounds seem almost deserted, but tonight the hotel is close and we donít have to leave early in the morning so it is my mission to party with some real Germans after the show. Deutschland does not disappoint. The show is a blast and a bass player from the crowd even comes on stage and plays a song with us! 

After the show Paul and I find a group of cool Germans and all of us head out to a real local bar. The most interesting of the lot is a girl named Elke and her friend Susanne. Elke speaks 6 different languages and is bold enough to wear pink to a metal show. Later at the bar she teaches me this technique for toasting that involves clinking glasses together firmly rapping them back on the table and then drinking. We do this with our whiskey. Later Elke would take me for a ride in her Mercedes through these gorgeous mountainous areas. Stuttgart is beautiful.

A very modern looking university and it's meticulously kept grounds surrounded us at this gig.