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Beatallica - European Tour 2007

Also known as the adventures of Grg Hammettson

4-26-2007 Thursday    

My station wagon started today without incident so I know things will be alright. I leave today for a three week tour of Europe with Beatallica. Still I can’t help but feel a bit out of sorts. I love new things, but I get this feeling like I am a new grade school student being introduced to an interrupted class.

As I write this we are above the Atlantic Ocean half way there. The coach seats are really quite a bit better than I expected with my six foot two frame. The French man to my right talks very loud and the English woman to my left wouldn’t even return my hello. But I am happy to be in this strange mix of people. I know that soon I will be the foreigner. In 6 hours I will be in Hamburg Germany and it feels very odd and exciting all at once.