5-4-07 Friday Paris at the La Maroquinerie    

Wow Paris France is a long drive. We drove for two hours and slept in Belgium and when we got up we still had a four hour drive that took much longer with Paris traffic. As soon as we cross into France I see my first dead cars and general European disrepair. I miss Germany already. The actual part of Paris that we travel through is surprisingly dirty and stinky. The club La Maroquinerie has a very cool lay out architecturally and the large Paris crowd is great to play to because they go crazy!! This might be the best audience we have on this tour, it is at the very least in the top three. After the show the very cool club owner has us go to the second floor and from there we can see the Eiffel tower on the other side of town. It is shimmering and flickering and they tell us it is doing this on the top of every hour. I think they might have told us why but I canít recall right now.

Then we pack up our gear and actually head over to the Eiffel tower. The drive though the narrow and chaotic streets makes me glad that I am not driving. I am not expecting much so I am quite amazed by the grandeur of the actual structure. It is much bigger than I would have thought and is graceful and beautiful. I am duly impressed.

Tinker and Andi stretch their legs at a refueling stop on the long road to Paris. This gas station, as you can see, was not orderly.