5-7-07 Monday off day in Nürnberg    

Nürnberg is the closest big city to Amberg so Tanja took us to see the sites here on our day off. We saw what they called “the Nazi steps” which was a place where Hitler used to give many of his speeches. Such history and a wild place to make you think about things. Standing in the speech box looking over the area where all the people would gather was very strange and I could almost picture what it looked like from here in the 1940’s.

Then we went to see a castle, the cobblestone streets were beautiful and we bought some sausage sandwiches (three small brats on a round roll) that are a local staple around here, they were delicious. Then we took in a tour of an old ditch prison for 6 Euros. Right about now my second memory card is full so we seek out a local camera shop and I buy a third 512MB card. Take lots of pictures and maybe a few will turn out, that’s my motto. After a bit more walking and some beautiful churches we head back.

We are off to Frankfurt to a youth hostile. Here we sleep 4 to a room and share public bathrooms and showers. Not my favorite place to stay on the tour, that is certain. I also remember waking up and bashing my head into the wooded light fixture directly over my tiny upper bunk bed. Yeah an extra 20 Euro for my own shower seems like a fair trade right now. Ah the life of a rock star huh? 

The internet computers here are good though and don’t kick me off right in the middle of a long email like the ones at the eTap. I write emails for thirty minutes, the longest stretch of computer time so far on the tour! I listen to The Promise Ring’s “Wood and Water” over and over again.

A self portrait of me sitting on the Nazi steps feeling the history around me.