4-29-2007 Sunday Nürnberg at the Hirsch    

It was a long drive to Nürnberg but the beautiful Bavarian countryside made it seem a bit shorter. The town is about the size of Milwaukee so it had a small town feel. Tanja’s family came to the show but she never introduced me to them. It was then I realized that she was ashamed to know me. Andi was explaining to us that the club called Hirsch was written up in a local paper because a fifteen year old boy recently drank himself to death here and this place was listed as a bar that served too much.

The stage, light and the sound equipment was top notch and the club atmosphere was great. Actually the stage and the lights were amazing and very well put together. Better than anyplace I have ever played in the states. Tonight for the first time Paul and I play a song with Doktor Rock in their set called Justine. Damn fine guys Andi and Rudi. Andi is a bit like a cool German biker. His English is excellent and his manner is thoughtful and intelligent. Rudi is the most likeable guy ever. Heart of gold in this dude and he is always making me laugh.

We also met some Germans from the Metallica Chapter called "St Germany" tonight. Great people and fine company.

Rudi climbs the deceptively steep hill on the peaceful cobblestone street heading towards the castle at the top.