5-16-07 Tuesday Lübeck at the Riders Cafe    

 The rain was really falling as we pulled into the northern city of Lübeck. The Riders Cafe was a big place with many adjoining side rooms where a guitar player could go to rest for a while and get away from it all. But eventually Rudi had us all playing a card game called Shitboots. The soundman even joined us and caught on to how the game worked even quicker that some of us that had played it before. This dude also had an old 1971 European classic Ford. Something I had never seen before. So it wasn't long before the hood was open and we got to talking because I also own a 1970 Ford Galaxie. We seemed to have the same carburetor problem. What a small world indeed.

The gig was great and the rowdy crowd cheered us on. But it was all over too soon and I began to start missing my new German friends even before we parted ways. Tonight was the last night Paul and I played with Doktor Rock and I am honored to have been on tour with these fine gentlemen.

Rudi makes an important phone call under the cover of the clubs entrance on this rainy day.