5-2-2007 Wednesday Heerhugowaard at the Waerdse Temple    

The Waerdse Temple is a huge venue located in a very strange looking area of Holland. Channels and roads rout very logically around very modern looking condos. This is truly the “Mequon” of Europe. The stage is cool and Jethro Tull even plays here in a few weeks, in Heerhugowaard, who would have guessed? I just like saying that name … Heerhugowaard! The Vikings attending this show are huge and even I am craning my neck to look up at them while talking after the show. We sell many more XL t-shirts than we would have ever guessed. Afterwards we have a few beers with the owner of the place, a bit of a philanthropist I think, and he tells us about how he invented a roof tile cement that secured his fortune. Very interesting people, but my cash card doesn’t seem to work in the Netherlands and I am looking forward to getting back to Germany where I feel like I better belong.

This man made canal was actually visibly higher than the surrounding countryside. It sure is weird looking out over water and seeing land disappear behind it.