5-12-07 Saturday Hannover at the Musikzentrum    

After a ride identical to the one we had the day before we roll into Hanover and back the Sprinter up to the Musikzentrum. It is an odd place in that the changing room/band area is in another building separate from the stage. Our hosts are very kind and the food is very tasty. The extra opening band tonight (besides Doktor Rock) was a group called the Hula Punks. They did modern rock tunes Hawaiian style. Really pretty odd but then again we are Beatallica so what can we say about odd? The show is well attended but the people were a bit different after the show. They wanted to take pictures with me, but they didnít want to talk to me. Maybe they just wanted to talk to Jamyz instead? No matter. Our hostess, a girl named Mel, was the most interesting person to talk with anyway. There were also some cool Brits in the crowd that we later saw at the Forumul 1 hotel along with the slide player from the Hula Punks. It was like a reunion back at home base and I gratefully accepted the giant Fosters beer they gave me. Thanks you guys.

This is the view just before sound check from the soundman's loft at the acoustically pristine Musikzentrum.