5-15-07 Monday off day Hamburg    

 The next day we have another day off. It is starting to feel a little bit like wasting time now, but we hit the shops again and Paul and I find some desirable trinkets. Later that night we all meet up for some Thai food and a kind German wearing a shirt with an American flag on it offers me my first taste of Sushi. I try as hard as I can to not puke when I put this awful food in my mouth. Luckily I took only half a bite or I am quite sure I would have. How does anyone eat this stuff? Still it was a very kind gesture and I did appreciate learning how much I really don't like Sushi. Later we took in  some much more palatable Japanese drum music courtesy of Rudi. The show was great but we all seemed a bit tired as we headed back to the band house to retire.

This giant concrete structure is actually a television broadcast tower. One of the bottom discs you see used to be a restaurant, but it has since closed. To bad, I bet the view from up there would be stunning.