5-14-07 Sunday off day Hamburg    

The night previous we decided to all meet at the Molotow to take a tour of Hamburg. It was Me and Paul and his friend from the gig called Torben and a very nice South Korean girl that had come to three other shows called En Jin. Torben takes us all over, showing us huge Lord of the Rings type statues, amazing churches and the docks. All in all a very fascinating day. Later Torben heads home (after helping us load the Sprinter) and En Jin comes out with the whole gang to dinner. Then we hit some real Hamburg bars. Around 1:30 I can tell that this day has been very long for poor En Jin, so I walk her back to the Molotow so that she can find her way back to her hostel. I am starting to understand the layout of the area and walking in this place by myself at 2:00 in the morning leaves me feeling very safe. “The Germans are very orderly” Torben said earlier, and now I begin to really see it. As I watch, even in the city, no German pedestrian walks against the signal. Even when no cars are in site. Even the homeless people seem more in control, selling papers and never giving you the “hard sell” like they would in America. It is an epiphany I enjoy as I walk home in the warm Deutschland night.

This is the view from the window of the band house at night.