5-13-07 Sunday Hamburg at the Molotow    

Full circle! It really does feel like coming home to be in Hamburg again. We roll into town and load our gear into the Molotow. The Reeperbahn is not really set up for unloading trucks, this is obvious as we hike our gear through a parking garage, down a ramp and into a back door of the club. Andi owns this club and it is a good representation of him. Modest yet cool and very interesting. The guys from Doktor Rock are having their show filmed tonight so we get in on the action too. After the show one of the German camera men said that we looked like angles with our hair thrashing in the lights. Definitely the most bizarre compliment of the tour.

The cool thing about Hamburg is another band house. This time we stay at Andiís office/band house in a cool neighborhood right in the heart of the action of this city. There are great shops all around even of they are a bit tourist oriented and a music store housed in a giant old Nazi bunker plus they even have a Wal-Mart nearby. This a very different kind of Wal-Mart because the entire back wall is dedicated to nothing but beer. You wonít see that back in the states. We hang out at the band house for a bit and then itís off to the gig. The crowd is great and the show goes well and for the first time on tour we donít have to load our stuff out of the bar after the gig. We can do this tomorrow. I head back to the band house and Paul goes out to drink with a German he met that night called Torben. Tomorrow this fine fellow would take us on a tour of what he called ďhis Hamburg.

This is the front of the Molotow and the adjoining "Meanie Bar", the coolest club on the Reeperbahn.