4-27-2007 Friday                        

We arrive at the Hamburg airport only to find that all of our instruments were lost somewhere in Chicago. Along with this, the only other missing bag is Paul’s. So he has no Pepper suit, no Grey suit and only one change of street clothes. After a long delay that seems to solve nothing we finally emerge to meet Tanja and Rudi in the beautiful German airport and they drive us to a very small hotel called an eTap (pronounced E-TOP). This tiny room is located only one block from the famous Reeperbahn. We drop off our luggage and head out to the German countryside to secure our backline.

The smell of the suburbs of Hamburg is awesome. It almost reminds me of Los Angeles, but it is somehow different. Could it be the ocean ...maybe? We pick up our gear (some hesh Marshall products) and load the heavy duty road cases into the rented Mercedes Sprinter (pronounced Schprinta) and head towards Hamburg  into some serious traffic on the Autobahn. Tanja’s dog Taxi is so hot in the van that she actually drinks water from my hand. I have been awake for almost twenty three hours and have traveled over four thousand miles so I am delirious. We grab a few much needed hours of sleep and a shower before we head over to the Molotow  to meet Andi and see his club. This is the first time I see a printed poster like the one you see to the right. They are huge and they look great. The Molotow is a cool place and I am excited to play a show here later in the tour.

After a beer or two we head over to the area of Hamburg where Tanja and Rudi live to meet Rudi at his favorite Irish pub for his birthday. I owe him a beer and have been looking forward to this for a number of weeks now. We drink Beck’s because it is a local brew and it tastes GREAT over here. A good time is had by all but we do have a show in Berlin tomorrow so we grab a taxi and head home just a bit early.

This is the tour poster we used to attempt to promote the tour.