5-8-07 Tuesday Frankfurt at the Nachtleben    

Frankfurt seems somehow colder than the other German cities we have visited so far. The place is filled with confusing one way streets that wind in and out of areas containing train tracks. Very often it seems like we are in a spot of road that we shouldnít be. The soundman tonight is short and maybe bordering on rude. The crowd is small but Dennis is there and it is always great talking with him. He said he arrived here on a fast train capable of speeds up to 250Kph (155Mph) thatís fast. Back to the hostel where I realize that I hate hostels. Paul bails to stay with a relative in some Frankfurt suburb and I canít blame him. Sleeping with three hairy snoring dudes and having public bathrooms and showers is something I would escape if I could. Check out is at 9:30 AM of course and if I sound a bit grouchy itís because my unshowered ass is!

Some German signs seem to have some crazy long words in them. Take this 22 character word "Einrichtungsspecialist" for example. My German friends tell me that this is actually several words run together to make such a monstrosity.