5-11-07 Friday Dresden at the Tante Ju    

Another medium sized ride of about 5 hours gets us back to the DDR. A most beautiful and interesting part of Germany. All the signs of communist blight belie the character of these very cool German people. There is not much to see here to the inartistic eye here in the area surrounding this modern music hall called the Tante Ju, but there is plenty for me to see as I walk the neighborhood. This is the first time I will stay in a “band house”. Many of the bigger and classier venues have an onsite sleeping wing for the traveling bands. I am glad to be back to the weekend where people will begin to come out and see us in greater numbers. The music hall is acoustically wonderful especially just coming off two racquetball court style shows. Hemi, Suspiria and the mohawked Kelly (all fake names to protect the innocent) attended the show and party with us well into the night. Paul’s profane German was especially pointed this evening and he had the Germans laughing despite themselves.

This building, while beautiful, did not look like a very fun place to work.