5-9-07 Wednesday Bochum at the Matrix    

I can never seem to say Bochum correctly. This is a city set into about five other cities. They are all very welcoming and nice. The Matrix is a very artistic club. Some bastard spent a lot of time making it very cool. But the three plus flights of stairs down to the stage really suck. The soundman is very nice, but there isnít much he can do with this concrete tunnel of reverb. Paul asks if he can get a little more reverb on his bass during the sound check and the sound man is just dazed for a moment with confusion. Itís that tricky American humor. I laugh to myself for hours after this. Tinker also has the funniest mic check of the entire tour this night. The show is not heavily attended but it is Wednesday and the small crowd is lively and great fun to talk to after the show.

The club called the Matrix was a mood piece and held a new visual treat for the eyes around every corner.