5-6-07 Sunday Amberg at the Rockdomizil    

Ja Amberg nacht Hamburg. This is the tiny town where Tanja grew up. It is very cool to see the kind of town that would produce a jewel like her. Also we went out to a local restaurant (very authentic German) and finally I got to meet her Mother and her sister. Both darling women. The food was amazing and we ate outside because the weather was so nice. We all had coasters but we put them on top of our glasses instead of under to deflect the falling bits from the giant elegant trees we were sitting under. We also got to meet a couple of other local residents. They were bombed drunk, but nice enough folks. The really drunk fellow we met mostly talked with Paul which was actually quite humorous, sorry dude. It is tough ordering food when you are a functional illiterate trying to read a menu written completely in Deutsch. This is when it is good to have some English speaking Germans with you.

The show itself was really lame. The power cut out in the middle of our set and it took fifteen minutes to get our instruments to make sound again. Still it was interesting to see Tinker roll with it and try to make the gaff as smooth as possible. We did two encores for our tiny little crowd. The best part of the night was talking to Tanja’s sister. She used to live in Alabama for a few years, what a small world.

Tanja's Mom, some very kind lady that I didn't get to meet properly and Tanja sit at the table outside and wait for our order of fine German food to arrive.