My Marshall JCM 900 Lead -1960 Straight Cabinet Restoration Project

I found this poor Marshall cabinet in the state you see below. Someone had defiled it with a very ugly picture of a goat or a deer or something and I knew that I had to be the one to save this once proud cabinet.

So to start I took the back off

Then I removed the front and side handle pieces. this allowed me to slide the front out the top of the back. (see the open spot?)

I rested the grill on the floor and my cat was there right away to help me, thanks Bucky.

Then I removed the grill by carefully pulling out all 134 staples.

After wetting the new cloth I began to staple the first side.

Then I stretched it and did the other side and cut the cloth edges

The finished grill ready to reassemble

And the final product, the goat has been sacrificed and this cabinet has been restored to its former glory. thank you and good night!!