In the early days of March 2004 we found this affectionate scrapper of a kitten at an animal shelter in the heart of the mean streets of Los Angeles. She had just gotten a pin taken out of her back leg after surgery. Plus she needed to be spayed and that required even more hair removal. When we took delivery of this girl she was shaved over 62% of her little battered body, she had ear mites, a sinus infection (that had the wondrous side effect of her sneezing blood), she had staples in her belly, the fur she had left was falling out in clumps, she had a bite mark on her front leg and she was even a bit stinky. This was a big city cat that had spent the duration of her life on the street and in a 24"X24" inch cage.

Just back from the animal shelter

The first two nights she cried and hid when you tried to pet her. Her digestive system was a mess and she sneezed a lot. Eventually she began to adjust and heal.

Now, as you read this, she is the happiest of cats without a care in the world. She can often be found running and playing chase with our other cat. She is getting all her hair back and it even has a healthy sheen to it.

She literally has everything ...well almost everything.

The pound called her "Blue Ribbon" but that's a silly name. We thought of calling her Blue or Stinky or Shaver but nothing seemed to stick. She is only called "kitty" right now and that's where you come in.

Please submit your idea for a name to and do your part.

New healthy kitty

The winner receives a free copy of "Farming in the Sands of the Hourglass" and the complete works of Jeffrey James on CD.

Thanks for your support

Bella and the unnamed kitty are thick as thieves