...is a Music Tech of Minneapolis graduate. He can spell an Ab7#11 chord, but will only do it if you hold a gun to his head.
He has moved to California and wrecked the whole band ...so if you want someone to blame for the BattlestaR break-up, he is your guy. Don't be to hard on him though, we're sure he'll come back.
In his free time Jeff enjoys more music, updating and creating web pages, sailing, DS9, souping up his race car and getting CD's from Dave Merrifield.

Ty Tabor, Dane Sonnier, Jimmy Page, David Gilmore, Brian Setzer, Dwight Yoakam, Joe Satriani, Elliott Easton, Carmen McRae, The Promise Ring, Fiercely Me, King's X, Galactic Cowboys, Tony Bennett, Jellyfish, Platypus, Capitol Eight, Norah Jones and more.

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