...is a self taught bass player that rocks. He has been quietly playing in bands for years. His melodic yet skull-crushing bass lines are just what BattlestaR CadillacticA needs most. Often referred to as "the bass ninja" Steve has this tendency to appear lackadaisical in order to lull you into a false sense of complacency. Once he does this he will shamelessly blow you away with his amazing bass playing abilities. Also, when talking with him you may not be able to stop yourself from saying things like "good point, man" or "yeah, you know, I think you're right about that". He is pretty much always right. Not remembering this is sheer folly. Seriously.

When Steve is not rattling your cranium with an all out low end assault, he enjoys his family (including two beautiful children), computer games, rottweilers, being nice to strangers, and BEER!

Steve Harris, Geddy Lee, Doug Pinnick, Stuart Hamm

Steve plays: