Saturday May 24th, 2003

The Farming in the Sands of the Hourglass CD Release Party

at Vnuk's Lounge with Fiercely Me and Koala

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It was a great show for BattlestaR CadillacticA, possibly one of the best overall performances we have ever had. We were spurred on by the very excellent crowd and our fine opening bands. Fiercely Me hit the stage a bit late and played a great set bringing up all sorts of people, including Jeff, to play on several the songs in their set. They completely rocked.

Jeff had his gun stash

Michael and Jay pounding away madly

Then BattlestaR Hit the stage and we even sold some CD's thanks to the kind help of our bass players wife Tracy minding the store during our set. Lots of great people came out to the show, thanks to all of you.

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Then ...right in the middle of the set something strange happened...

Rob and B.J. from Koala came on stage and sang a happy birthday rap to the many people who were having a birthday that day including Jeff from battlestar, Zak from FZZ, Sig Goertz, Nick Inman, Michelle from Capitol 8 and Bob Dylan. It was dope.


Here are some pictures of the band in case you are interested.


Koala rocked the end of the night away...

...and afterwards we all went to the raging after bar for fun until dawn. We only hope that the next CD release party is this much fun.