ThE BattlestaR ArmY

A rag tag fleet of men and women supporting that which is the BattlestaR CadillacticA and helping her in her mission of finding the home planet earth.

BattlestaR Support Command Structure:


 ~~> **** General Scooter **** <~~

Moved to rank of General just  after the 500th rave review of the production on "Farming in the Sands of the Hourglass".

Prior honors include :

Showing selflessness in the face of adversity including but not limited to sub sandwich bread choice deprivation and the mad cooking of large amounts of bacon.

Repeated production meetings at Perkins.

Postings of his songs on this very page. (see below)

Many others that would be too long to list.

Extra Special Honors for the post production masterpiece "Are We Recording?"

Click the picture above to download this MP3 right now.



** Brigadier Generals Joe Zak and John of FZZ **

Ultimate fun band with which to do a show, selfless and accommodating. If playing a gig with these guys was an eBay auction, then  they would get a 5 star approval rating and we would buy from them again.



* Colonels Chad, Abby and Sean from Strange Land *

Erin too even though she's a liberal

We wish very good luck to these chaps in the musical future. I think we played with them more than any other band. I don't think Chad missed but 1 show and I'm pretty sure Savatage was playing that night.


Below are some members of the general army (this list is incomplete)

American Movie     Betsy     Chris Conrad at Points East Pub     Dave Vnuk the best bar owner in the Milwaukee area     Enrique, your worst nightmare

     Izzy - lover of cover music     Julie with encouragment     Meg-pie (Jeff's niece) for asking why I don't have my guitar everytime she sees me     Laura Michaelchuck

Kirsten Carter and her quiet friend     T!     T!     Dave Mustain     Paul Terrien

Steve Thode     Steve the charming     Tammy Sue Mingus     Tammy Sue two     Mum Salzman (A.K.A. Peg)

Tracy Hansen     Tom Fay from Faymous Music     Steve Sinner - The one guy we forget in the CD credits (sorry dude)     Sandra Weeks     Tinker Bon Jovi

Little Tammy Sue     My buddy Dwight     Kimberly     Dewy     Mike

John     Joe     Cap'n     Chris     Michelle

     Karl     Binky         

     Kim               Lee