Summerfest 2003


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Summerfest 2003 was great fun and the newly constructed Rock Stage was impressive and air conditioned. The invasion of cover bands on the stage was a little troubling, but the fest is still the fest and we are honored to play there whenever we are granted the privilege. With the imposing shadow of this possibly being Bo Blacks last year the music, food and beer seemed to tastes a little sweeter and the sun shone just a little brighter. I hope the whole festival doesn't go to hell in a hand basket without her.

Oh yeah ...and here are some pictures from the show.



Summerfest 2002  


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Summerfest 2002 was the best Summerfest we have ever played. Our sound guy Chris from Points East Pub was excellent, and the monitor guy helped us ever so much. This made for a comfortable and relaxed ( comfortable as the big gig can be) show. When we arrived at the Rock Stage we were informed that we had to start at 4:30 instead of 5:00, we are sorry about this but there was nothing we could do. When Summerfest says "jump", a little rock band like us says "how high?" Despite the trouble, the show went great and a fun time was had by all.


Set list for Summerfest 2002

1. Inbetween

2. Betazoid

3. Sound Check

4. If Only

5. Fine Art of Friendship (King's X cover)

6. Impass

7. True

8. Down

9. Let's Roll

10. There and Back Again

11. Exit 33

12. Groove Machine (King's X cover)


Click here for a touching Summerfest poem by BattlestaR CadillacticA


Summerfest 2001  


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Summerfest 2001 was very awkward for BattlestaR CadillacticA. It was a learning experience and a chance to grow and become more professional. We don't like to talk about it really. A very special thanks to everyone that came out and suffered through the show with us.