...is a self taught drummer who has been laying the smack down in many bands for many years. He has rocked with many of Milwaukee's top musicians, but still maintains that groovy R&B quality that makes him so... "in the pocket". Along with drumming, Michael is a songwriting force in the band. Plus he is singing lead on about half the songs. Now that's independence! Things have changed drastically in Michaels life of late, so go easy on him. He is still adjusting.

In his free time Michael seems to enjoy...

sleeping, football, recording software, pain, butter, black & white photography and meat.

Jon Bonhan, Clyde Stubblefield, Jerry Gaskil, Ira Ludwig, BEER, Gary Kahler, Omar
Hakim, Buddy Rich, Brian Stemkie, "Philly" Joe Jones... and many, many more!

Michael hits on:



He also does not currently have any endorsement deals and frankly would love to have one.