Greetings and thank you for your interest in BattlestaR CadillacticA.


We are a three piece original rock band from Milwaukee WI.

    We are a heavy melodic group that is tough to squeeze into a specific genre. Some have said we sound like a heavy Beatles. Other say we are a cross between Led Zepplin and Rush. Still others have said that we sound like the Backstreet Boys. But we're pretty sure that last guy was just "harmoniously challenged". We create with no particular sound or plan in mind, but we have very clear ideas about what we like. The Music is sometimes heavy and sometimes almost progressive, but the vocals are all hook. We all sing and work hard on our three part harmony because for us it's the challenge of playing and singing that drives this band. Songwriting influences are across the board and everyone brings something different (and even odd) to the table.

How's this for a mixing pot?:

King's X, Galactic Cowboys, Brian Setzer, Elvis Costello, Marvin Gaye, Led Zepplin, Stevie Wonder, Dwight Yoakam, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, The Beatles, Fates Warning, Sting, The Cars, Al Green plus many many more.

We could sit here all day and tell you what we sound like but you really have to hear and judge for yourself.

We promise you that we are different, please won't you give us a listen?




Jeff Salzman (Guitar and Vocals)

- Playing for 18 years.

- Graduate of Music Tech of Minneapolis 1991

- Former bands include: Two Ton Heavy Thing, Framing Amy, Mt. Olive, and many more


At the impressionable age of sixteen, Jeff saw a Def Leppard video, gazed in awe at the Ibanez Destroyer and knew that playing guitar was what he had to do. Two years later he began to teach himself and after that he would go on to seek more formal instruction in Minneapolis. Although very particular about things like CD cover art and waxing his car...Jeff is otherwise laid back and usually never causes any trouble.


Michael Woelfel (Drums and Vocals)

- Playing for 16 years

- Self taught drummer consistently doing studio and fill in work for some of Milwaukee’s finest bands

- Former bands include: Two Ton Heavy Thing, Butter Jug, Counter Culture, in Black 'n White, Binky Tunny and many more


A self taught musician, Michael started tinkering around with drums at roughly eight years old and started to take it seriously by about thirteen. He has an exceptional ear and has picked up Guitar and Bass along the way. Mike has always been a driven musician, (which he claims makes most folks frustrated, we don't see it) intense personally and professionally. What can we say?...he loves music, he needs it like the air we all breathe.


Steve Hansen (Bass and Vocals)

- Playing for 15 years

- Extensive studio work in California and Milwaukee  

- Former bands include: Dead Proctologists, Descending Darkness, Infestation, and The  

  Wilson Project (studio work) plus many more


At age fifteen Steve's cousin purchased a drum set and everything took off from there. Playing small parties, shows and big halls was fun for Steve but eventually his focus turned to studio work and then (thankfully) to BattlestaR. His bass playing has a heavy 'prog' influence, very clean and accurate, and when combined with Jeff and Michael, the groove is obvious. Some may call it chemistry, perhaps others noise, but we call it...


BattlestaR CadillacticA


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Early in the year 2000 Michael began to get ideas about reforming a three piece band called Two Ton Heavy Thing that had achieved some small local success. But this band had parted on poor terms and the rebuild seems like a long shot. After working out some differences with Jeff, the core was formed. Soon afterward it was learned that the original bass player would be unavailable. Without discouragement the two began the arduous task of finding a technical singing bassist. But after many try outs the band was starting to lose hope. Then they found Steve. Although not a singing bass player in the past, he caught on quickly and was up to the task of the challenging musicianship of BattlestaR CadillacticA. The three voices blended and the band was formed in March of 2000.

Writing music was fast and simple for the threesome and just a few months later they began to record a demo cd called Corpulence. The 5 song effort was recorded quickly and they began the fateful trip into the musical public.

Afterward the band spent it's time playing shows and writing new material. Some time later they looked up and there were 10 new songs. In June of 2003 the band finished recording their first full length CD entitled Farming in the Sands of the Hourglass.

Later in October of 2003 Jeff moved to California and the band has regrettably disbanded.


Gig History

02-09-2001 w/ Binky Tunny @ Reed Street Milwaukee

02-17-2001 w/ Katella @ The Puter Mug Watertown

04-11-2001 w/ KA @ Reed Street Milwaukee

05-05-2001 w/ Strange Land @ Vnuk's Lounge Cudahy

06-16-2001 w/ Binky Tunny and Bastard Sun @ Reed Street Milwaukee

06-29-2001 w/ Strange Land and Play Dead @ The Globe Milwaukee

--->  07-05-2001 @ Summerfest Milwaukee

07-05-2001 @ Reed Street Station Milwaukee

07-27-2001 w/ Custom Grand and Ka @ The Globe Milwaukee

08-11-2001 w/ Kid Ego and Uncle Pussy @ The Shits and Giggles Party Allenton

10-13-2001 w/ Strange Land and Quark Quintet @ The Globe Milwaukee

11-23-2001 w/ Bellview Suite and Pawn @ The Globe Milwaukee

12-01-2001 w/ Binky Tunny and 18 Shakes @ Tasting Room Milwaukee

01-12-2002 w/ Strange Land, Shadowcaster and Dimension X @ Miramar Theatre Milwaukee

01-25-2002 w/ Tinker @ Tasting Room Milwaukee

03-09-2002 w/ Your Frustration and Ditz @ Vnuk's Lounge Cudahy

03-29-2002 w/ Your Frustration and Bound To One @ Points East Pub Milwaukee

04-06-2002 w/ Strange Land @ Vnuk's Lounge Cudahy

04-13-2002 @ Spoof Fest w/ Tinker and Rob The Globe Milwaukee

06-29-2002 w/ Outlander and Fizzgig @ Vnuk's Lounge Cudahy

--->  07-21-2002 @ Summerfest Milwaukee

08-23-2002 w/ Fizzgig @ Points East Pub Milwaukee

09-07-2002 w/Ditz @ Private reception for Lee and Michelle Bruso

11-09-2002 w/ Acumen and Strange Land @ Vnuk's Lounge Cudahy

11-16-2002 w/ Full Blown Margaret @ Club Brady in Milwaukee


--->  12-19-2002 w/ Warrant and Katella @ The Rave Milwaukee


12-20-2002 w/ Full Blown Margaret and Janus @ Vunk's Lounge Cudahy


4-19-2003 w/ Side Tract and FZZ @ Vunk's Lounge Cudahy


6-2-2003 w/ Strange Land and Event @ Vunk's Lounge Cudahy


6-30-2003 @ Summerfest Milwaukee


7-26-2003 w/ FZZ and Koala @ Points East Pub Milwaukee


8-22-2003 w/ FZZ, OUTLANDER and Capitol 8 @ The Rock Shop Milwaukee


8-23-2003 w/ Bubblemath @ Vunk's Lounge Cudahy


9-26-2003 w/ Reverser and EXO @ The Rock Shop Milwaukee