This is how it appeared back in the day. Composed and typed on an actual type writer by Rob Pfeifer!!



              Although theyve been together as a unit for less than a year, TWO TON HEAVYTHING has already acquired the reputation as one of the Midwests most pleasant bands. Since the day they met at the prestigious Emily Post School of Manners, TTH has been working day and night to produce some of the most terrifically interesting music of the quasi-neo-post-classical era. As for the specific members of TTH:



STEVE grapes THODE plays the bass guitar in the band. He is one of the most accurate bassists around. Steve is a to himself kind of guy whose legion of fans continually mistake his disrespect and contempt for them as shyness. Steve never does anything wrong and is always willing to help around the house.


Gentleman JEFF SALZMAN is the guitar player in the band. Outside of playing the guitar he has never held a steady job in his life. His utter lack of domestic skills coupled with an uncanny fashion sense attracts a rabid throng of young, female admirers. When people see Jeff, they cant help but become enthralled by his chord choices and the emotional complexity of his plaintive vocals. In short, every one of Jeffs performances is a daily briefing as to what is happening in the music and clothing industries.


At the tender age of 21, tv MIKE WOEFEL has already established himself as a master percussionist. Mikes unparralled work ethic leaves him in a constant state of fatigue. His fans continually ask him deep probing questions such as Whats up? which will enable Mike to extoll the virtues of the numerous charitable causes that he actively promotes. Mike never smiles or wears socks.


              TWO TON HEAVYTHING will be bringing their traveling festival of sound to a town near you, so calm down and get tickets now!!!