We have an exciting show coming up in late January with our sister band The Cups and a cool technical band we've never played with before called Swamp. It's at the usual place cause we love the sound there so make plans now for Crumpler in the new year.

See the shows page for more details.



Writing for our second CD has begun and we have already come up with strange names for 4 songs or so.

But look for us to play lots of shows in support of Ghost Bucket in the coming months. Check  on our shows page to find where and when you can come and see Crumpler next. Right now this is the only way to get a copy of Ghost Bucket (except for a friend burning you one).

Soon this will change as we will have CDs for sale online at CD Baby and songs up at  iTunes. We'll let you know more as this develops.


Wow what a CD release we had at Points East Pub. We brought 100 CDs to the gig and every one of them is gone. Big big thanks to The Cups and Revision Text for playing the show with us and hella thanks to all of you that came out and made this show such a damned great time.

If you didn't make it to the show and you want a CD they will soon be available online and in downloadable format. Developing.

Look for us at the next show too, there will be many coming up and you will be able to get a copy of Ghost Bucket there as well.


As we gear up for our spectacular release party for our first full length CD called Ghost Bucket this very Saturday October 25th, a fine article has been written about the band. Please check out Crumpler at the Mural site by clicking the picture below.


The time has come to release our CD out into the world. It will happen at Points East Pub October 25th, 2008. Be there to get a copy of this ground breaking CD from the masters of Dark Power Pop!


The Crumpler CD Ghost Bucket mastering is finished this brisk rainy evening. We tried it hot, we tried it cold and now it's come out just right. We have to snap a few pictures, finish some art and then we will make a whole ton of copies. You will be able to get yours very soon

...so no worries 'eh?


Work on the new CD is really very near completion. We have one last mastering session and it's done! It won't be long now kids.

Also we have been working on a fancy message board that we haven't quite gotten linked to the site yet. But click below so you can sign up now and grow with it from the beginning. Don't forget to visit every day to see what crazy people will say about us.

Crumpler Message Forum

Mastermind Productions


Recording and mixing of the long awaited full length CD from Crumpler has finished today. We have a mastering date set next week and the whole thing should be done soon. We are very excited to bring you our sonically delicious effort called "Ghost Bucket"!

God Bless America and never forget 9-11


Awesome  show at the BBC last Saturday! Thanks to everyone that came out to the show, thanks to the Year of the Gun guys too for having us. Be on the lookout for some video from this show to appear on this site in the coming weeks.

 Mixing continues at Bobby Peru Studios and we are getting some nice sounds. We are maybe a month out from the release of Ghost Bucket. Are you getting excited? We are.


All the tracks for Crumpler's "Ghost Bucket" CD are recorded. We head into the fancy Bobby Peru Studio this Thursday to begin the mixing process. We are getting close to a CD release party!

But until then please come out to the show this Saturday at the BBC and see us play some new tunes.


The gig Crumpler had at the Cascio Groove Slab was awesome this year, we have some live recordings of the event, so maybe someday you will get to hear them! But not today.

Crumpler records vocals this Saturday, we might even finish!


Today in Nice France Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had twin babies and Crumpler has the first pictures of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Congrats to the couple. We don't really care, but we heard that some people were interested in this sort of thing.


Crumpler will now record.


Thanks to all that came out to the Summerfest show at the Cascio Groove Garage! What a great time we had. If no rain is any indication, then God likes Crumpler! It rained right before we played and right after but not a drop while we were on stage!

The logistics at Summerfest are such that our esteemed bass holder Steve Crumpler didn't get much of a chance to hand out bumper stickers after the show. One must make room for the next band at the fine Cascio stage so we had to bang gear straight away and didn't get to meet as many of you as we would have liked. But...


...we have a lot of bumper stickers left so the same bribe is in effect for the Liquor Sweets show this Friday!


Steve Crumpler has made BUMPER STICKERS, so if you come out to the Summerfest Show July 2nd you will be sure to get one. This IS a bribe.


We have appeared in a local blog. Props to Craig Crumpler for getting an honorable mention from our show at the Brat Stop!


We had a great time playing at points East and it was great seeing you all come out to the show.

Thanks to The New Loud and Fuzee for rocking with us.

Next we play our awesome Summerfest show at the Cascio Groove Slab but until then we are going to try and finish up our vocal recordings to get one step closer to a finished full length CD, it's very exciting for us.


Come to our show this Saturday!

Flyer photo by Betsy B!


Four shows on our shows page means that we are starting to play more than ever this summer. Our next show at Points East Pub is going to rock. We get to play with The New Loud, a local band that is chock full of those weird south side people. Also we get to play with our very good friends Fuzee. It will be a great show, you should come to see this.

Now that Jeff is back from Wroclaw we can finally tie up those loose ends on our new full length CD entitled Ghost Bucket.



Special thanks to Binky Tunny and the boys for having us play with them at the Brat Stop, it is a great sounding room with some top notch equipment. That's always fun.

We have no shows until June so it's back to recording, plus Jeff is going to be touring a bit in May with Beatallica.


Recording continues, but we have a show Friday April 18th you should come to. It's a Birthday bash in Kenosha at a cool club called the Brat Stop. We go on about midnight and we play with Binky Tunny featuring Jon Marsh and Nuna. See you there!


Sometimes it takes straight numbers for you to realize how power pop formula you are ..heh heh. Hey we are still dark, but just look at these song lengths. Too funny.

The guitar tracks are, for all vocal purposes, done and now we look to begin work at the Super Secret Studio of Michael Woelfel. Vocals are underway!


Guitar tracks have started today at Brookside Studios and the sounds are sweet and heavy coming from the Mesa Boogie. It shouldn't be long now until we are doing vocals.


Crumpler recording of the bass and drums at Bobby Peru's Studio could not have gone better. We have 9 songs down and we are very excited to be ankle deep in the recording process. More news to follow.


I really don't know how these will look. Cafe Press finally has black shirts for sale! They might be sub-par quality shirts, but I sent an uncompressed .png file so the graphic should be of kick ass quality, just don't know about the shirt. We bought one (Craig bought one actually) so we can see what kind of quality we are talking here. We'll let you know what we find.

Anyhow, this is it. Check it out.

click picture below


We have official reserved time at the infamous Bobby Peru Studios in Milwaukee. Recording will begin this month and we are all very excited. Shane does not know what he is in for!


What a great show at Points East we had. Thanks to all of you that came out, we love you all. Special thanks to Fuzee and Anura for really rocking!! We now turn our attention to ...recording.

Also a new desktop is available on the Downloads page, check it out and add Crumpler to your everyday computer life.


We are getting anxious to play our show coming up this Saturday the 16th of February! So far the weather this winter has been hell. So why not bring your honey out for a Valentines day rock show to be remembered. Help us celebrate this festive season of frozen love at Points East Pub with Fuzee and Anura!


New songs are being written like crazy lately as we prepare for recording and our next show on February 16th at Points East Pub with our good friends Fuzee.

Anjl and Joe are soooo cute together!


We here in Crumpler are looking forward to our next show in the acoustically pretty club known as Points East Pub next week/year Jan 4th 2008.

You should come out to see us play and hear Jeff's stories about Denmark and Switzerland.

Denmark Convenience Store


A spanky new live track is now available on the Downloads page. Go now and listen to "The Whiff" as the fine fans did on Nov. 17 just a few short days ago! Rock!!


We here in the "Krinkler" camp feel like the show at Points East Pub was a great success. Special thanks to Binky Tunny and the Farmland Chokehold and Mutt Junction for making this a great night.

Jeff is off to Europe again for some more touring with Beatallica, but he'll be back before you'll even know he's gone.


Big show coming up on NOV 17th, don't forget to get your arse out early to Points East pub this Saturday to see Crumpler. (we play first for all you old timers that can no longer stay out late)

We have appeared in our first blog, thanks to V'ron for talking about us. Read her at The Sixth Station

The new blue Ludwigs on their maiden voyage


The gig last night was great fun and we look forward to our next show with the Independent Idols.

Also at the gig I got videos of Summerfest which have been posted on the Downloads page.

Now we have another show this month, so you should come out to this one if you missed us, or even if you didn't.

Some of the great crowd at The Main Stage


Wow a new show to announce on November 3rd! Not much time to market this baby but we have to take it cause we love to play live. Amy from Independent Idols asked us to play with them at The Main Stage in Waukesha. If you can somehow navigate the drunken city planner streets of Waukesha you could enjoy a night of delicious rock.


Crumpler has a show November 17th at Points East Pub with Binky Tunny. I must suggest that you come to this show. You have to hear our new material, We are very excited about it.


Six new songs are completed and after some things get moved a few blocks from their present location and Jeff gets back from New York, recording will begin. Oh yes it will.

Oh yeah and check out our first review from South Korea!

Jin A is beautiful

This picture was used without Jin A's permission, but then again what is she gonna do about it? She lives in Asia!


New pictures of the Summerfest show up at the pictures section of this site. Not much going on as Jeff is always gone touring to California, New York, Germany and South Korea with his other band Beatallica ...sorry guys I'll be back soon.

Crumpler on the slab


Crumpler at Summerfest, yes you heard that right. We have scored a Summerfest gig. We are very pleased, check out the shows page for more information.

Work on the CD has stalled because Jeff has been in Europe touring, but now that he is back work will begin again. Expect to have a CD soon.



The very first Crumpler show went very well. We played with some cool bands and had a great time. Look for us to play Vnuk's again soon and Summerfest in the coming months.


The new Crumpler CD is currently being mixed in the big machine at what used to be Michael Woelfel's SuperSecret Studios, but now it has been moved to a location so secret that it doesn't even have a name anymore!


All the tracks for the new Crumpler CD are laid! Mixing and mastering are the only steps left in the process now. Mixing will begin this Saturday at Michael Woelfel's Super Secret Studios and I have already talked to the talented but poorly dressed Shane from Bobby Peru Studios in Milwaukee about mastering.

Even more new songs have been written and some shows should be coming soon.


Almost all of the recording is complete, only thing is Jeff is sick as a dog. With only a couple of vocal parts left he simply croaks when he tries to sing them. You don't really want to hear that so we're gonna take a little more time to get it done. Thanks for your patience.

Special thanks to Zack for this update picture. We hope he heals quickly.


New and vastly improved Drum and Bass tracks were completed last night for what we must now call our six song demo. Guitars are next, followed by vocals! Soon you will be hearing all of what we hear.


Recording will begin again this Friday with the addition of a remake of a Cheap Trick tune which may make it out of the studio if it sounds good enough. But then we'll have to call it the 6 song demo and won't that be uncomfortable?

Even more rig upgrades this week, I am losing my mind but I think I'm mostly done. A nice MIDI pedal and I should be set.


Due to some technical errors the CD will take slightly longer to make. Just up on the download page today is the sole remaining survivor from the technical error.


Some lyrics are up on the download page and the back bone of Crumpler is scheduled to record vocal tracks at Brookside Studios on this very day. About 80% of the guitar tracks are complete.


This weekends recording brought much progress and all the drum and bass tracks are complete for our five song demo. I have begun to put guitar tracks down on my third song, so vocals should begin sometime next week at this pace. The tunes are coming out great!


Five original tunes are completely written and we are excited to get them out to you. Therefore Crumpler recording will begin this Friday and we hope to have the songs finished in rough demo form in a couple of weeks. Then we can give them to record companies and fans so they can hear what we have been up to all these weeks of practice.

On a more personal note I have recently acquired some serious rig upgrades and I am giddy with my Mesa Boogie tone these days. It Brings a tear to my eye.


Our new full sized practice space is ready to roll and we break it in tonight. Special thanks to Craig Crumpler for the use of his home studio for this process.


Crumpler is formed on this day and the chemistry has already began even though we are writing quietly in a living room with practice amps and a synthetic drum pad. Soon we shall Rock.