Just becuase Crumpler has broken up doesn't mean that we can't release new videos...




Crumpler has broken up, the band has "run it's course" and we are all in agreement.



Our new CD Comitment to Pizzazz is almost finished. And we are almost finished.


Summerfest was great this year, thanks to all that came out!!



We have begun mixing the new 11 song Crumpler CD called "Comitment to Pizzazz"!!!



The band had a really great time at the Franks Power Plant show. Thanks to Fuzee and Pascal's Balloon for making it a great night of rock and roll. Don't forget that we play Summerfest June 30th at the Cascio Groove Garage at 3:00. Middle of the week, middle of the day. It's summer and you should be taking your vacation days we'll see you there.



There has been a scheduling change for our gig at Franks Power Plant Friday June 11th. Crumpler will be playing first, so get there early kids. Let the drinking start right away.

Please see the updated shows page for more details



The vocals are complete for our new CD "Comittment to Pizzazz" and this wraps up all the recording we must do! Very exciting. Now we are back to "Walls Have Ears" to mix. Meantime come and check us out at Franks Power Plant on June 11th where we may be giging with our practice amps!



Recording guitar tracks is going well and we are nearly finished, then it's on to vocals and mixing. We are getting excited about being to part 47 of this 354 step process.



Great show at The Monkey Bar last night with our new friends The Everyday Motive and Quick 50. Thanks to everyone that came out, it was pretty packed in there. Now we turn our focus to recording and we expect to have our 2nd CD "Comittment to Pizzazz" finished by late spring/early summer.



Tomorrow we play our big rock show, be sure to check the "shows" page for more details and come out and see us play!

During this the guitar tracking continues at Schmadke Sounds and Brookside Studios. It's going well.



It's the Crumpler world premire of our music video The Whiff starring Heidi as the Crumpler girl. Your art is complete, enjoy!



After a few small studio conflicts (sound card) the Crumpler guitar tracks are ready to begin at Schmadke Sounds! Rock & Roll!



The Drums and bass are down for our new CD!

Also there is a new show for March listed on the "shows" page so check it out!



Recording has started for the second Crumpler CD.



Crumpler has studio dates for the beginning of February. New tubes are being installed and we are sharpening up to record our 11 new songs for our sophmore CD entitled "Commitment to Pizzazz"



Crumpler has procured the services of a model for the song "The Whiff". Filming is underway and we should have our first music video in one months time. This is art though so it might take longer.



Talk of recording our sophomore effort called "Commitment to Pizzazz" is taking place. We have so many new songs. Check back for more information.



Great news as Steve's hand is healing very well and Crumpler practice has resumed.



Some good news on the Crumpler front, Steve has suffered no long lasting tendon damage. Unfortunately (as you can see) the gig for this friday at the Y-Not III is NOT going to happen. He should be alright in a month or so and we'll be back out playing for you folks.



Important news to tell you. Our show at the Y-Not III has been canceled today because Steve has injured his hand quite badly. He won't be able to play for a while. We hate canceling shows, (first time ever actually) but what can we do?

We are especially sorry to our friends from Missouri for the late notice.



Thanks to everyone that came out to our first ever Summerfest show at night. It was great playing under the lights of the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Garage and we look forward to next year when Cascio takes over the Harley stage or something. They just keep getting better every year, which is more than you can say about our politicians.



We are closing SUMMERFEST! Second last spot, oh yeah. You can even get in free before 3:00 thanks to WE Energies! So head on out to the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Garage

Sunday July 5th at 8:30 PM

to see us play summerfest in the night.



We had a great time jamming with our new friends The Baker Family at Points East last night. What a great group of folks! Check them out, they are great.

the first sign!!

This gig was also notable because of the unveiling of our new full heavy metal CRUMPLER sign! You have to see it to believe it, the picture below is but a small taste of it's grandeur.

The Baker Family



Spoof Fest was awesome this year and we were honored to be part of this rich Milwaukee tradition. Special kudos go out to Tom Petty and Michael Jackson, the best spoofs of the event. Please send all of your reviews and pictures to

Anjl and Chrissy



It's that time of the year again folks and this time Crumpler's involved!

Friday May 1st, Crumpler will be playing Spoof Fest 2009 with Anjl Rodee, Tyler Traband, Chrissy Dzioba and Kimmy Unger.

We will be spoofing Alanis Morissette and it will rock.

Make sure you're there huh?

For more details please consult



Thanks to everyone that came out on a snowy scary Friday the 13th at the Riverwest Commons. We had a lot of fun and plan to play some more shows with our friends Revision Text this summer!

Is it spring yet?



We have a new and exciting show to tell you about at a new place we've never played before! Check the shows page for more details. Writing continues and we have a bunch of songs to play for you.