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Please contact Crumpler the band here --> crumplerband@yahoo.com

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2008 brought the release of Crumpler’s first full length CD entitled “Ghost Bucket”. Nine songs of their original brand of Dark Power Pop™ bristling with energy and accomplishment. Rave reviews and packed shows followed. This sound cannot be described with words, so please visit our MUSIC page hear this for yourself.


Band history and origin

Formed in late 2006 Crumpler is a heavy yet melodic three piece band hailing from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Comprised of three talented audiophiles, this band is the story of their search for the ultimate tone and eventual journey into rock stardumb. They practice constantly and consist of...

Craig Radke - drums and vocals - craigjradke@yahoo.com

Jeffrey James Salzman - guitar and vocals - mainsoda@yahoo.com

Steve Thode - bass and vocals - sthode@wi.rr.com

After honing their skills on the stage for a year, the boys went determined into several studios all around Milwaukee to create the patchwork quilt of particularly perfect sounds that became Ghost Bucket.

Booking contact email: crumplerband@yahoo.com and phone: 262.365.8457

While we are on the topic of inarticulate description, here's what the critics have to say...

"This CD [Ghost Bucket] is awesome"

Steve Bauer DJ 88.5FM Rochester New York


"Crumpler Rules"

Jeff Hamilton lead guitarist for Beatallica


"Been listening to the disk [Ghost Bucket] all week.
It rocks! It's fucking awesome!

John from the band Fuzee


You all have such impeccable skills. Your intonation is perfect, your rhythm is right on and your musical entrances and exits are without flaw. I really appreciate the effort you put in on your songs. Your hard work shows, although it doesn't sound like work at all, just fun and pleasure.

Craig's Mom - talented musician


Sounds fabulous! I'm actually really impressed at how well crafted the songs are. By the sound of the arrangements and the maturity of the lyrical content I'd guess you've been at it for a while. Great vocals( I really like the harmonies) and killer guitar tones. I especially like the guitar solo on "Everything Is Here".

dmanlow - Canadian Gretsch owner


Stunning band, they pick you up and slam you down with their odd metered, harmony laden style of ass kicking rock

The New York Times September 2nd, 2006 business section A4


They are alright for a bunch of fascists

Rolling Stone Magazine October 2006 Issue


I want to make love to all of them... but not all at once... that would be like... gross or something. I want them separately and I want Steve last

Paris Hilton at a party in Santa Monica June 25th, 2006


I can't believe I've only just heard of Crumpler, what a waste of my life living without them

Angela Merrifield singer and hairstylist

Milwaukee's 7 piece band Crumpler is a feast for the ears. They play a sparse Ska style of punk that reverberates with today's youth, especially prepubescent teenage girls. This is a truly winning combination and these young folks should go far in today's pop scene. - JSOnline September 22nd, 2006

Finally a moral rock band, this is a good sign that America is getting back to the tenants that made this country great and that is the subject of tonight's talking point memo - Bill O'Reilly Fox News